Conflict of interest

Tonight my mother said that some of my songs make her think I am sad. She asked me if I am sad and said her heart would be broken if I was. She’s a good mom.

I have always connected with sad topics and written well with them. I don’t have a super bubbly “everything is fine” personality. I connect much better with sadness.

I haven’t had a horrible past. I had good parents and a good home. But I had my share of sadness, as I do now. But I am also filled with joy.

In a way I feel like my life has all been incredibly happy and incredibly sad at that same time. Everything all at once.

Some nights I don’t want too feel much of anything. Just sit and be numb and overwhelmed.

I am fine because I know where to look for sources of deep and long-lasting joy.

But I am always going to have a melancholy tinge, especially in music.

I suppose it doesn’t matter whether I am happy or sad. It will be a 180 degree turn at some point anyway.

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This is what is going to happen soon.

Hey friends. I don’t know how many of you will read this, and truthfully as long as the ones who care read it, the number doesn’t really matter. I just wanted to give an update on what I’ve been doing, and what I plan to do. Thanks to those who actually take the time to read this; it is a tiny bit lengthy.

In March of 2014 I released Ribcage. Your support and appreciation of my first recorded effort has touched my heart.

In June of 2014 I released Key, my acoustic album. Your support of that EP touched my heart with equal intensity. I love hearing that people listen to my music. It makes this whole thing feel more real and worth my time.

You can currently get both of those EP’s for free download at Take advantage of this deal now!

The Split EP from A Young Man is finished, just waiting to be sent off to be pressed. Everyone who donated the certain amount specified to the tour will get a free copy. The souvenirs from tour were lost in a situation out of our control, but we will still do whatever it takes to break even with our fans who donated.

So what’s next?

I have been writing and throwing around more ideas than ever before. As many of you have read from previous statuses, I plan to release a full length sometime next year if all goes as planned. The full length album will be made up of stories from every day people who choose to share with me their times of sorrow. I take what they will me, put it into my own words poetry-style, and then if I feel it fits with the overall theme of the album, I put music to it. This will be a very special process. Those who have songs written for them will be featured in the artwork of the album. If you wish to participate in this, send me your story to I will read it and write you something. Then I will decide whether or not to use it for the album.

I currently have a decent amount of lyrics written, but there is still room for more songs. The artwork and title have already been planned out. I will wait to release the details of the album name for awhile, to make sure that nothing changes or comes up that is a better fit. However, I don’t feel like that will happen. Hopefully you will agree, but the title of the album is more fitting to my purpose and music than anything I’ve done thus far.

So Ribcage was a genre-bending electronic album, and Key is acoustic and organic. What will the full-length sound like?

The full-length will be a natural progression of my sound. There will be elements of both the EP’s as well as current singles in the album. It will have things never introduced before. There will be more singing than on Ribcage. It will still be loud, but it will be a haunting, chilled-out feeling overall. 

In the meantime I will  be playing shows. However now that I have built up some recognition and appreciation from my great friends around this area, I will be trying to gear more towards branching out. Playing other towns and cities and states. I want to spread my music to people that haven’t heart it. With that being said, the support of everyone in CR still means so much to me, and I will still play shows there sometimes. I just want it to be a more rare, special thing. Still hit me up with show offers and I will make whatever I can work.

I also plan to do a mini tour in November with some special friends of mine. Stay tuned for details on that.

Thank you for staying up to date and caring about what I do.

As usual, I love you. Tell your friends about my music and get them excited for what is to come.

- Gabe

Jar of farts

Kind of an odd suggestion, but since smells trigger memories, it could be a educational moment for your kids someday if you save different farts in a jar over the years and open them one by one with them, describing the memory. “Ahhh, this was when we moved the oak rocking chair into the living room common area. May of 2018.”

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