I have no words.

See you on the 21st.

Me when they call to tell me I’m getting married


Me and my fiance before the big day. (at Overture Center for the Arts)

The state of Colorado is sitting in front of me.

I’m exhausted and out of it, but this marks the beginning of what should be the best couple weeks of my life.

Conflict of interest

Tonight my mother said that some of my songs make her think I am sad. She asked me if I am sad and said her heart would be broken if I was. She’s a good mom.

I have always connected with sad topics and written well with them. I don’t have a super bubbly “everything is fine” personality. I connect much better with sadness.

I haven’t had a horrible past. I had good parents and a good home. But I had my share of sadness, as I do now. But I am also filled with joy.

In a way I feel like my life has all been incredibly happy and incredibly sad at that same time. Everything all at once.

Some nights I don’t want too feel much of anything. Just sit and be numb and overwhelmed.

I am fine because I know where to look for sources of deep and long-lasting joy.

But I am always going to have a melancholy tinge, especially in music.

I suppose it doesn’t matter whether I am happy or sad. It will be a 180 degree turn at some point anyway.

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